Frequently Asked Questions

carol-barryHere's a collection of Frequently Asked Questions that we have received about our wedding videos and services, that we hope will be of use to you. Click on the question titles below to display the answer. If you think there's something we've missed, please contact us.

When should we book a wedding videographer?
It is better sooner rather than later, and usually 6 - 12 months before the wedding. So probably around the same time you book your wedding photographer. We can take last minute bookings if we have the date free, but during the summer/autumn months we tend to be at our busiest.
Is it possible to meet you prior to booking?
Yes you are more than welcome to visit us. It is very useful for us to be able to discuss the shooting schedule either face-to-face, by Skype or by phone. The discussions would include the finer details of your big day, the type of work we do and how we tailor it for you, fully brief you on 'the making of a wedding film' and note any special requirements you may have.

Please contact us to arrange a discussion.

We will also be attending a selection of wedding fayres during the year.
What camera equipment do you Use?
We use professional Sony High Definition broadcast quality cameras to record your day, with the footage recorded in full HD. In addition, we utilise a range of fulid video head tripods, glidecams and crane jibs to provide the cinematic feel for our videos.
How do we book CB Wedding Videographers?
Go to our Contact Us page and complete the enquiry form, or contact us via email to or telephone 01493 202202.
Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure the booking date at the time of booking, this can either be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer (details provided on request). You will also be required to pay the outstanding balance 8 weeks before the wedding date.
Do we have to supply you with a meal?
Certainly Not!! We know how expensive your special day is, without the added cost of supplying us with a meal or drink. We are happy to cater for ourselves.
What area do you cover?
Primarily we work within the Norfolk and Suffolk area, however we are fully prepared to travel further afield although depending on distance we will need to charge for travel and if required overnight accomodation expenses.
How well do you work with photographers?
We will liaise closely with your photographer through out the day, firstly to ensure we do not interfere with their shots, and also so that they are aware of our requirements. We always advise couples to notify their photographer that they will have a videographer, and we will be more than happy to meet with your chosen photographer in advance if they desire. We can recommend a professional photographer should you require one.
Do we need to inform the venue that we have hired the services of a videographer?
Usually civil ceremony venues have no problems with videoing taking place, but it is worth mentioning it anyway in case they have any special requests for where to set up etc. For religious ceremonies, however, it is important that the venue is informed as on rare occasions they will not allow the ceremony to be filmed. Some venues, such as churches, may also require a fee to allow the filming of the ceremony and this cost must be covered by the customer, as this cost is not included in our package prices. The venue may also require evidence that the video is covered by a music copyright licence, which we can provide on the wedding day.
Will you attend our rehearsal?
The production of our videos is a passion for us, we will always try to attend your rehearsal and liaise with the vicar or, where applicable, wedding co-ordinator to agree on the most suitable location for filming. In addition we always independently research and where possible visit the venue in advance to plan the video production.
How many cameras do you use?
Each of our packages is filmed with a minimum of two Hi-Definition cameras operated by two operators. With your permission we also position a third unattended camera (we say with your permission as we appreciate that having too many cameras pointing at you on your special day can be intimidating and can feel intrusive, however having the third camera not only offers a live backup, covering the rare case of electrical/mechcanical failure of the main camera during the ceremony, ensuring none of the special moments are missed, in addition it provides us with more content for additional angles and shots which can be edited into your final video).
Can we pick or supply our own music?
Yes, we welcome your song choices and will make every effort to incorporate your requests into the edited video. We purchase a music licence (included in the package price) which allows us to use copyrighted music on your video, so you are free to compile your perfect soundtrack and provide us with the details.
Are you insured?
Yes, we carry full public liability insurance to the sum of £1 million and professional indemnity insurance which protects against negligence and loss of data to the sum of £50,000.
Policy Bee Insurance We carry a full set of four smaller backup video cameras which can be used in the event of a failure of any of our main equipment, however please also note that we cannot be responsible for loss of video or audio as a result of circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to: power/equipment failure and weather. If production is affected due to an unlikely occurrence, our liability is limited to refunding your deposit. Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.
How long will it take to edit the final video?
Generally we aim to have your video finished and posted out to you within 8 weeks of the wedding date, or 8 weeks from receiving your full list of music you would like on the DVD, whichever is the latter, as we cannot properly start the editing process until we have this. These may extend during our busier times. If adopting a platinum or diamond package, we also give you a shortened highlights of the finished film and to allow you to share it with friends and family, which will be posted online.
What clothes do you wear on the wedding day?
We dress similar to how your guests would dress, i.e. suit/shirt/tie or dress etc. as we feel there is nothing worse than having your videographers wandering round in branded polo shirts and casual clothing. Dressing similar to your guests allows us to blend into the background so you can forget about us and enjoy your day.